New Album Update

Hello! My website is back up and running (obviously) and I’ve got a lot of updating to do.

My album is 6 tracks deep, and 4 in the making.

In recent news, my soundcloud was terminated, so I’m starting from fresh. If you happen to have a soundcloud, I’d greatly appreciate a follow. All my songs are gone, so I’ll be adding a couple to the album after I revamp them a bit.

I’m getting so stoked to release this album of mine, and trying my best to keep all my tracks to myself until they’re done. However, this is not going to happen. I’ll be posting updates of tracks in the making on here, and here only. So to start my website off right, here’s a link to a track in the making titled Feel Me. For now there’s samples for lyrics, but I’ll be recording lyrics from a buddy of mine later this week.

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