The Light Nearby Project

Marc Freccero is a producer/dj from Boston, and he is on a ten month road trip visiting ten US cities. In each of these cities Marc will post in-sights from his unique perspective, music he creates from the essence of each city, and all the interesting experiences along the way.

I strongly believe that what Marc is doing is fucking awesome. I’ve been in a similar place in my life where it came down to two paths, as many of us have. Should I take the path towards what makes me happy, and truly alive, or a path of wealth and security. I chose to become a ski instructor making very little money, and I have never been happier. Marc’s chasing a similar dream I have; to live off something you love to do.

Marc’s finding a ton of support from locals of the cities, and posts articles of their deeds and gifts. In recent times, that sort of read is encouraging and hopeful. He also writes up daily tips and useful knowledge from the perspective of a highly motivated individual. After all, leaving your job in pursuit of something that gives your life meaning takes a great deal of motivation.

In an incredible display of courage and passion for music, Marc did what many of us can’t do. He’s living deliberately, adventurously, and passionately. To fully engulf these things in our life, we’d have to give up a lot of what we’ve become so accustomed to everyday, which is very hard to do.

Marc’s nearly through half the cities, currently in Boulder. All my Boulder friends, keep an eye out for Marc, show him what Boulder’s about.

I highly recommend checking out his project, it’s truly inspiring as a fellow producer, and especially beneficial as a fellow adventurer.


Also here’s a new Disclosure remix I dig


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