Sad Machine

I’ll start this review by saying this song should be titled happy machine. Porter has a way of manipulating your feelings and emotions with his sound choices, and this is why I’m such a huge fan. It’s not only the addictive hooks in the melody, but it’s the choice of instruments that makes his songs feel like you’re dreaming. He truly paints a picture of his vision for the song, and this is something a lot of new “edm” producers lack. The thing about most big room festival house songs produced by top dj’s is that I could give a fuck less about the drop the second time around. Once you’ve heard a big room house bassline once, it’s enough.

Side rant, I noticed a lot of blogs mentioning the phrase “post-edm music” ??? That’s assuming that edm doesn’t stand for electronic dance music any more, and instead, it’s own sub genre of house music? or something? Kill the Noise tweeted last night, “Call it music!” And that’s exactly what it’s been; music with heart and soul. Not some fucking repetitive methodology in the house genre that’s made to build up your ecstasy with rising synths, bass drums, and snares. I’m so fucking sick of hearing it all! I was years ago, and I still am. The dance music scene is so wrapped up in crispy and complex drops now, it’s all sounding like what Madeon introduced years ago. Tasty and Monstercat might as well be one artist. End Rant.

This isn’t time to be negative I suppose (I calmed down after pressing play again). 

Sad Machine introduced something most producers haven’t heard, a vocaloid. That’s the robot voice you hear paired with Porters own vocals. It truly brings that fiction element to the picture he paints. Not to mention an ocarina sounding synth around 3:10. It evokes feelings of adventure and awe from my childhood running around Hyrule field. 

If this doesn’t get you pumped for the entire Worlds album in August, then I really don’t know why you’ve even read this far, probably establishing a bunch of shit to talk on my review ;) Just know i’m in too good of a mood to care. In the dark days for dance music, and the internet for that matter, this song sheds light on a hopeful world Porter has created for us all to hear. I’ll be listening to this on repeat for months until he delivers more. 


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