Website Changes

I came to a realization the other day, and many many days before. I fucking hate social media. It’s unfortunate that I open up my laptop and instinctively open Facebook. I guess it’s something I either grew out of, or became really shitty over the past years that I’ve been apart of it. Sure, I could delete it, but I wont. 

Instead!- I will be posting more on my website (here). And more than just WhompO news. I’d like to share the music I love, artwork that inspires me, or just randommmmm shit. In turn, I’m going to start following more blogs and websites from here, rather than read what everyone else is sharing because they saw it on reddit or facebook. It’s just like mainstream pop radio bullshit; it’s not worth our precious time here. So in light of that, in this post I’m going to share with you a song that has given me tonsss of inspiration, and something I listen to when I ski every day. Literally, I’ve skied every day for 2 months now. Here’s a track from Mat Zo’s new album, Damage Control. 


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