Winter 13/14

I haven’t posted on here in a while, so here’s an update with my life. 

I’ve been living at Keystone Resort, literally across the street for one month now. In this month, I’ve skied every day since my arrival. I’m a ski instructor by day, and tired as hell at night. Music is becoming easier to produce when I have the energy because of my limitless source of inspiration, however the energy to produce after a day and night of skiing is seldom. I’m starting to figure out the balance of energy expense by not night skiing after a day of “work”, but as I said, I’m addicted to the stuff. 

I have a few projects I’m almost done with: a Lana Del Ray remix, an original track rework with lyrics, and a brand new original that I’m seriously changing my sound and music production style with. It’s a tough process, breaking from something I’ve become so complacent with. But after hearing all the glorious new album releases paired with skiing to them, it made me want to emulate this new style. I’m talking about Mat Zo’s new album, Damage Control, Pretty Lights’ A Color Map of the Sun, Avicci’s True album, and of course RAM from Daft Punk. The blend of natural instruments with smooth flowing funk sounding synths makes a glorious run on the slopes. My worries for EDM before have completely washed away after this years album releases, and it made me want to further evolve my sound. This means more time working on music, and only working on music when I’m mentally in my prime. 

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