Winter is Coming…

I figured I would take a minute and write about myself for once. For those of you who check this website, either because you’re a fan, or just stumbling across the internet, I would like to extend my gratitude for taking the time to read my shit. Otherwise this would feel a lot like a diary or something else nobody except for myself reads.

I’ve finished college, and for the last year I’ve been done I haven’t done much with my life other than music and work. I have an amazing girlfriend, and the cutest German Shepard puppy in the world. They keep me pretty busy. I work at an Italian restaurant, lots of good food and nice people to work with. In college, when I started Whomp0, I was surrounded by strange feelings of mysticism and adventure. Once college ended, I found it hard to draw inspiration from the absence of adventure that had made up my life for the past 5 years. . Music I’ve made this past year was done in brief segments during times where I felt inspired to write it. Over the summer I decided it was time to fill that void, so I got a job at Keystone Resorts, one of my favorite resorts about an hour from Denver in the mountains. I move there at the end of November, and you can expect to hear lots of new music during the 4 months I will live there.

Right now I’m preparing for the move, physically and mentally. My EP is all ready to be released in 2 days for free download as promised (as it will always be).

This winter I’m going to utilize this brief yet inspiring change and work on my first full length album. At Christmas, WhompO will be 2 years old, and you should expect to hear some amazing things in the making.

For now, I give you the final version of Beyond. This might be one of my favorite tracks I’ve made to date, hope you enjoy it too!

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