EP release + work in progress track

Firstly, I PROMISE the EP will be released on November 1st. fucking grand theft auto had me for a while…

Nomadderwhat each of the 4 tracks will be released for free download on that date.

Nextly, the WIP track is titled Beyond,

side note

whenever I name a track, it usually occurs when I’m deep in the music writing process. I’m really focused, and to be honest most of the time I don’t even remember naming the track, but I stick with it when I listen to it the next day.

end side note

and it’s the 4/5 track from the new EP. I wasn’t going to stream the last two tracks, mostly because they are in the early stages of progress, but like most tracks I release as a teaser, I can’t stand to hold this one back from reaching peoples ears. This is the hardest part about making music (other than starting a song) ; the point in a song where I like it so much I forget I’m in the creative process, and just listen to the damn song 100 times on repeat. I’m at that point now, so here’s a preview only being shown on the website.

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