DJ Mag’s Top 100 Bullshit

DJ Magazine’s top 100 list is pissing me off lately, and lots of artists don’t know if they should talk shit about it, or post for more votes.

Right now, there aren’t many good dj’s at all any more at festivals. There are producers who have dj sets that are pre-planned/pre-recorded. I’m not sure why they don’t make a fucking top 100 producer list popular instead of relying on the magazine that chose David Guetta as the best DJ a few years ago.

Here’s my WhompO’s top 5 producers this year.

1.Daft Punk

2. Zedd

3. Pretty Lights

4. nobody, nobody has done shit yet to earn another spot this year.

I’m really hoping to hear some releases from Porter Robinson, Deadmau5, and Hardwell (if he tries to do something different like he said he would)

Deamau5 has some releases out already, but nothing extra-ordinary (yet).

I liked Avicii’s country-house fusion track, but he’ll need to make something more to make my prestigious list.  (I’m sure he really cares yall)

I have nothing but respect for Zedd and his innovative style; it’s something new and different every time. It’s not just Zedd’s sound I admire, it’s the production style as a whole. That gives artists more room to be diverse, and not rely on a constant sound that will indefinitely become repetitive and irritating.

I was never that big into Pretty Lights, until this album. I hope others recognized, as I did, how much more you can express yourself with real instruments. It makes a much more entertaining live show too.

Fuck DJ Mag

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