Producers are Quitting DJing!

Well, it’s no wonder many producers are questioning their purpose in the realm of music. DJing is an art form, but over the past few years many producers picked it up as a source of revenue. Story Time

If you don’t remember, about 5 years ago people stopped buying music. Every song you’ve ever wanted was on a file sharing software, or could be ripped from a youtube video for free. Around this time, electronic music was becoming increasingly popular. Festivals emerged, artists were selling out places that rock legends couldn’t, and everyone who wanted their name out their had to tour. This happened so fast, that older generations  are still figuring out what a Skrillex is, or what is a deadmaufive? The problem artists are beginning to see is how living the tour life impacts their music, and the genre as a whole.

The End

So, like I said in previous rants, Daft Punks album is exactly what electronic dance music (EDM) needs right now. It’s influencing artists to produce what feels right, no matter what people might say. Artists like Porter Robinson and Hardwell have came out saying their new music won’t be for the dance floor, but rather music they want to make. This allows them to create the best music they could possibly make, in their style that defines them. Dubstep artist Skream says that he will no longer be producing Dubstep “I’ve done dubstep since I was 14 but there’s no way I’m going to be dictated to. I stopped because I’m not inspired by it any more.”

Side Note

WhompO’s music has audience influence, purely due to the size of our fan base. To increase a fan base, you have to produce music in the style fans already like. Once you have them, you can inspire them through your change. So after a year of producing, my bass drops aren’t going to sound nearly as impressive as anyone out their, but I include them anyway because that’s the norm right now.

Plus, WhompO must whomp. Bass is healthy.

By further producing these melodic, adventure tunes, I always hoped someday it would catch on. Tracks like Questing are supposed to take you somewhere else, anywhere you want to be. It should enhance experiences, and invoke inspiration. Listen to some of WhompO’s old music. Sure you can hear some similar instruments that you’ve heard before, but I bet you’ve never heard them played like that.

End side note

In Conclusion

A huge wave of young producers are finally calling it quits from touring. People are buying music again, and artists aren’t shitting out EP’s for the sake of keeping up with each other. I think this year is going to be a wonderful year of dance music.

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