Two tings – new track news, and random access memories review

First ting, a few changes are being made to the new remix, mainly due to influences from the new daft punk album. The track will be posted in a few days as a free download and as our second single (first being Mile High).

Next, I was able to listen to Daft Punk’s new album all morning, and here’s what I think.

Daft Punk’s style has always moved me. They find these melodic loops that evolve through through the song, and that makes their tracks addicting and timeless. With this album, most tracks begin with a soundscape intro, then turns into a groovy dance piece. This is the reason I think most people won’t like it, and the reason why I love it. Their use of classical instruments, and some KILLER vocals makes a great album to chill with. This album wasn’t meant for clubs or festivals, it was made to ease and inspire. I’ll gladly listen to it on repeat in my car for the next year, or on repeat when I snowboard next winter.

Many people will talk shit on it for the next few weeks over facebook or whatever. This is just what Facebook and Twitter have become. You’ll see posts like,

wow am I the only one who hates this stupid fucking album?! wow what a let down.

and then dozens of people like it and others are like, fuck you man! it’s awesome.

Unless you genuinely don’t like it and have real criticism, don’t talk shit if you just clicked on the first song, skipped through it like a book you have to read for class, and say, wow that sucked, then posted something for attention. If you don’t like it, you don’t like it. That style of music isn’t for everyone.

In contrast to Random Access Memories, Knife Party’s new Haunted House EP just released this week as well, and it is great in many different ways. KP’s EP should be played on big ass speakers with the bass turnt up at clubs, festivals, etc. Or in my case, it’s a great supplement for coffee. Listen to a few of their songs loud and you’ll feel one of two things: adrenaline, or anxiety because you hate it.

Daft Punk mentioned in interviews that their album would help EDM out of the stand-still state it’s in, and push people’s expectations as artists. In my opinion, it does. Producers who are constantly on tour will make music for their shows. They will progress their style in small ways, but for the big picture, their music will be crafted to move big crowds of festival goers. Porter Robinson admitted in an interview that his latest album shifted from this dance floor fenominon, to making music that’s more expressive of himself and his true style. To be honest I’m more exited for his new album than any other.

When dance music shifted from a melodic presence to a bass dropping craze, many artists lost focus (i’m not saying everyone did, and i’m not saying it’s a bad thing). Daft Punk brought that back by going back to classical instruments and singers, while keeping their robot presence.

My hope is that listeners realize this isn’t another album where you want to just skip ahead to the drop. This is a journey crafted by Daft Punk that should enhance your experiences in life, and move you in ways that bass drops can’t.

This album will be timeless for me. People 20 years ago would have loved it, and hopefully 20 years from now they will too, and I pray music won’t be like listening to a transformer’s movie.

Bravo Daft Punk.

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